Content Hub
Centralised content management

Unify content production, governance and distribution through one central platform
Multi-site publishing

Single-click publishing to multiple websites and applications

Asset management

Centralise, manage and publish rich media


Govern global content workflows and user permissions


Multi-site management

Draft, review and schedule to publish rich dynamic content through our intuitive and simple to manage Hub. District’s Content Hub centralises user profiles, permissions and organisational workflows, enabling your authors and administrators to effectively manage and publish content to one or multiple websites

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Digital asset management

A simple and centralised place to store and manage your organisation's assets. Share rich media and documents across your websites and platforms, manage users' access rights to universally publish and update assets

Third party services

Manage your content sprawl and connect external services and repositories through our API framework. Import content from third party platforms, reduce content silos and improve your global information governance and publishing workflows

Rapid deployment

Publish globally or select target websites to rapidly push content live. Amend and push content revisions across your suite of sites, schedule content releases and effectively manage versions through a user friendly admin interface


District’s Content Hub solves content governance issues through improving authoring workflows, user permissions and multi-site publishing 

Dramatically reduce admin costs

Customise publishing workflows 

Restrict publishing to single sites

Improve content governance

Schedule content releases

Centralise siloed content

Integrated with third party services

Rich media and asset management

Transparent audit trial 

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