Content Management System

District CMS is built on Drupal’s mature content management framework

Template driven

Through a growing number of website templates, organisations can choose to adopt existing themes which address specific business requirements. Whilst highly configurable through a component driven architecture, this approach provides a cost effective method in which to rapidly deploy new websites

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Highly customisable

District CMS also allows for a high level of customisation. Each site has an independent database and configuration set, providing full flexibility with how your websites look and function. Through co-design activities we help your team craft unique user interfaces that best represent your organisation's brand, values and information requirements

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Drupal's flexible multi-site framework enables simple replication of design systems, functionality and configuration reducing overhead when creating additional websites. Through our suite of products and cloud services, we provide the tools to effectively manage a large number of websites, whilst reducing administrative costs and improving governance

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Growing feature list 

District’s rich features are a combination of community and custom developed modules. We carefully curate, audit and customise modules to improve administration experience and function to work in unison. Our CMS feature list and third party integrations are constantly growing as we aim to continually innovate and push the boundaries of our products

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Drupal is the CMS behind District and is an open-source PHP content management framework. Drupal is the driver behind many innovative public sector projects with a mature global market of digital vendors, developers and enterprise organisations adopting Drupal

As the Drupal component of District CMS is open-source, websites and custom integrations developed specifically for your organisation are portable to any capable vendor

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District flexes to your business requirements through a set of highly customisable solutions