Building a Community Experience Platform with District Engage

Introducing District Engage

Our community experience platform is designed to connect people with public consultation projects, encourage engagement, and provide project managers with real-time reporting.

We've leveraged open-source frameworks to create a user-centred platform that can be customised, configured and co-designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience for businesses and governments, without the limitations of a legacy platform. 

District Engage offers a powerful suite of engagement tools, smart forms, data integration capabilities, and visualisations. It's designed with a multi-tenancy architecture to streamline service delivery.  

Enhanced community experience 

Our all-in-one application improves customer interactions and engagements by simplifying tasks relating to content, data, customers, communication and distribution channels, making the user experience more efficient and user-friendly. 

Image of District Engage community enagagement tools

In addition, our platform is designed to interface with legacy CMS’, so your organisation can seamlessly integrate District Engage into your existing technology infrastructure.

Powerful dashboard

One of the standout features of District Engage is the highly configurable dashboard, which, thanks to drag-and-drop modules, can easily be personalised and configured by administrators. This ensures all users have the relevant information at hand to drive informed decision-making, uncover trends and better understand their customers.  

The dashboard features a number of widgets that display platform performance analytics in easy-to-read graphs or charts, and administrators can export any report’s raw data for use in other applications. 

The reporting feature in the platform follows a distributed authorship model. It allows reporting at three levels: platform, teams, and projects (courses). This flexibility lets administrators match reporting permissions to specific roles and permission models, supporting a distributed ownership approach.

Image of the back end of the community engagement reporting dashboard

Auto-scaled hosting

Another feature that sets District Engage apart is its auto-scaling hosting. The platform's underlying hosting infrastructure auto-scales to meet either planned or unplanned traffic spikes, ensuring that businesses can manage traffic demands without worrying about infrastructure issues. 

Open-source technology

District Engage is created using popular open-source technologies, with a focus on Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework for building web applications. Laravel simplifies web development for developers by offering a versatile set of tools, libraries, and modules. It provides flexibility to create customised user experiences aligned with the client's workflows, needs, business logic, and theming while adhering to accessibility standards.

Fostering innovation 

Moreover, Laravel's open-source nature encourages innovation by enabling developers to build upon and enhance each other's work. This collaborative approach leads to the development of new features and capabilities that might not be achievable with proprietary software. Additionally, the transparency of open-source software allows a larger community of developers to review and address security vulnerabilities. Laravel specifically reinforces database security and includes core features to validate and sanitise user input, safeguarding against potential security threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).


Building an exceptional customer experience is critical to the success of any government or business enterprise - and the right technology can make all the difference. 

Harnessing the flexibility of open-source technology, District Engage can be co-designed, configured and customised to meet your organisation's exact requirements, deliver excellent customer service, foster meaningful relationships with local communities, provide deep insights into community sentiment and harness powerful data to help you make informed decisions and design better outcomes for your community.  

Want to find out more about how District Engage can power your next community consultation? Book a demo today, or speak to one of our friendly consultants