District Intranet

Drive greater enterprise engagement

Connect people, processes and information on one centralised platform.

With District, your intranet can become the single source of truth for people, processes and information. Write it once, publish it everywhere.


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Man with laptop and woman with iPad both smiling and sitting at a table using District Intranet



Driving connectivity

Maintaining team culture and effective interpersonal communications in an organisation is a challenge. But it’s essential. 

Good governance and efficient collaboration depend on it.

That’s why we’ve reimagined the Intranet to be at the heart of your digital strategy.

Screenshot of District Intranet's My Dashboard feature showing news, quick links and a calendar



Centralised Platform

When integrated with District CMS, District Intranet can revolutionise the way your organisation works. Your intranet will become a centralised platform featuring shared user permissions, customised content workflows and one-click publishing.

In an instant, knowledge sharing, important documents and essential information will flow seamlessly across your digital channels.

Screenshot showing content publish status and personnel responsible for them in District Intranet



District Intranet will help to transform the delivery and management of your internal channels, engage your employees, and improve your work culture. 

Custom experience

Fully customised interface, workflows and features to reflect your organisation


Flawless integration

Middleware framework enables bespoke system integration.

Simple to use

Component-based page builder enables easy content creation

Built on Drupal

Leading open-source technology is the power behind District Intranet, and our evolving features are supported by one of the largest open-source communities in the world. 

The flexible Drupal framework enables District Intranet to fully adapt to your organisation’s needs, including system integration, a customised user interface and bespoke content workflows. 

Tear drop Drupal logo stylised into a three dimensional image representing the software framework behind District Intranet



Build it your way

Design your intranet for today, while future-proofing for tomorrow.

  • Customisable user interface, content editing workflows and features

  • Mature middleware framework ensures bespoke system integration

  • Component-based page builder simplifies content creation

  • Drag and drop to personalise the modular user dashboard

  • Flexible document management system for centralised assets

  • Company-wide and personalised notifications to keep staff up-to-date

Screenshot of District Intranet dashboard showing elements of layout customisation



Key features of District Intranet

Rapid page builder

The component-driven page builder makes it simple to deploy content and build highly bespoke pages

Simple digital asset management 

Centralise your digital assets with permission-based systems for publishing, sharing and updating

Staff directory

Component-based page builder enables easy content creation

Flexible form builder

Our comprehensive form builder lets you easily gather the information you need with a predefined field library and flexible submissions.

Custom workflows

Simplify your content production with customised publishing workflow and user notifications

Powerful search 

Enterprise Solr search indexer enables federated search across staff, assets, documents and users

Document management system

Enables native file management and third-party DMS and ECM integrations

Sync user profiles

Provision users and staff directory from external systems like Azure AD, Google Auth or other commercial-grade SSO services

Simple scalable solutions

Delivering content management solutions for government agencies

Product guide

A deeper dive into our engagement tools and services
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