Driving Better Outcomes For Transport And Infrastructure Projects

In the transport and infrastructure sector, effective community engagement is essential for successful project planning and execution. In this article, we'll explore how a digital community engagement platform like District Engage can enhance communication and collaboration, while streamlining project management. It's a great way to deliver time and cost efficiencies that are crucial for this sector. 

Enhanced communication for major projects

District Engage is a community engagement platform that gives you a customised website for each one of your projects. This project hub centralises your communication efforts, allowing you to share information quickly and efficiently. 

Each project website includes:

  • Detailed information
  • GIS Mapping 
  • Image galleries with optional before-and-after sliders
  • Project updates
  • Timelines
  • Consultation activities 
  • Notifications
  • Event scheduling
Screenshot of a project page
Each project page is an information hub to share essential details about the project. 

Improved public consultation process

For major infrastructure projects, gathering community feedback is crucial for understanding public needs and concerns. District Engage offers consultation tools that make it easy to gather and analyse community input. This ensures that your projects are on track to align with the public's expectations and requirements, which can fast track planning and guarantee a successful outcome. 

Consultation tools include:

  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Idea Boards
  • Map Feedback
  • Discussions 
  • Q&As
A screen shot of an example of a public survey
Surveys can be simple or complex and are backed up by powerful analytic tools, giving you insights into community sentiment. 

Mapping tools for visualising infrastructure projects

Our powerful GIS mapping tools helps you visually represent your project for more effective community consultations. The mapping tool transforms abstract concepts and textual data into an interactive map that lets community members see, understand, and interact with a proposal. 

By adding layers with the Map Builder tool you can transform a map into a timeline of a project, with coloured layers representing different stages of a project. Or you can use Layers to describe the activities taking place in different areas. 

Pin drops and markers can add more information, such as proposed level crossings, bus stops, tram works or train upgrades. 

The Mapping tool has been embraced by our clients, who have utilised its powerful ability to engage their communities and gather insightful on-the-ground local knowledge.  

A screen shot of the mapping tool
The Idea Board can incorporate maps to encourage community interaction with project proposals. 

Increased transparency and accountability

Transparency in transport and infrastructure projects helps build trust and support from the community. Our digital platform provides a transparent view of project plans, budgets, timelines, and progress reports. This openness ensures that the community understands the project's scope and impact, fostering a sense of trust and accountability.

Features to boost accountability and transparency include:

  • Timelines
  • Notifications
  • Following projects
  • Updates
  • Q&As
Screenshot of the timeline tool
The Timeline tool gives an overview of the planned rollout, helping to keep the project on track and share progress with the community. 

Streamlined project management

Managing large-scale transport and infrastructure projects can be challenging. District Engage simplifies project management with a platform ideal for stakeholder management. A private consultation among key stakeholders is ideal for collaborating and coordinating different aspects of a project, from the early planning and design phase, to the approvals process and the communication strategy.  

Streamline stakeholder management with these tools:

  • Events: schedule information sessions, ideation workshops and design meetings
  • Surveys: gather insights from key stakeholders across the project at every step of the journey
  • Timelines: keep your project on track with a transparent schedule
  • Map feedback: gather stakeholder feedback on each section of the project, from landscape design, to bus stop locations, to accident blackspots. 
  • Q&As: get insights from leading experts with answers to key questions from stakeholders, ensuring everyone has access to the same information and project detail. 

When the finalised project is “switched on” for the period of public consultation, you can use the same engagement tools to gather and analyse community feedback and keep the public informed about each stage of development.

Inclusive public participation

A digital engagement platform makes it easier for a diverse range of community members to participate in engagement activities. Features like online forums, translation tools, virtual meetings and  lower the barriers to participation, ensuring that more diverse voices are included in the decision-making process, essen

Data-driven decision-making

District Engage’s powerful reporting and analytic tools let project managers leverage the insights and feedback gathered through the platform to make more informed decisions. This data-driven approach ensures that decisions are aligned with community needs and project goals, leading to more successful outcomes.

View of the backend of the platform
The reporting dashboard gives admins a detailed overview of the project, with detailed reports for each project, and drilldowns into the performance of each tool.  

Building stronger communities

Ultimately, District’s digital community engagement platform helps build stronger, more connected communities. By facilitating open communication, encouraging collaboration, and fostering trust, the platform creates a foundation for sustainable projects, and strengthens the relationship between the transport and infrastructure sector and the communities they serve.

A District, we understand the importance of effective community engagement in the transport and infrastructure sector. Our platform is designed to provide the tools needed to connect with the community, gather valuable insights, and help you deliver major projects effectively and efficiently. 

If you want to find out more about how District can help you deliver better outcomes for your community, talk to us about a free trial, schedule a demo, or chat with one of our friendly team members today.