Drupal 10 Turbocharges District CMS

With the recent arrival of Drupal 10, the digital landscape has evolved, bringing a fresh array of dynamic features to revolutionise your user experience and supercharge your content management capabilities.

Here are some of the Drupal 10 features that we’re excited about:

  • Upgraded third-party components 
  • Streamlined website upgrades 
  • New front-end themes 
  • Improvements to core functionalities.

So how has Drupal 10 impacted District CMS? 

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into Drupal 10, explore its groundbreaking new features, and guide you through some of the significant changes and enhancements you'll notice in District CMS

Let's go!

Unlocking a world of new features with Drupal 10

As the communities of site builders, developers, and marketers embark on the era of Drupal 10, it's been exciting to see how its new features and enhanced capabilities have revolutionised our approach to content management and ambitious site-building, Drupal 10 has been a game changer. 

Let’s take a closer look!

Drupal 10 is a game changer 

Drupal 10 brings a new dawn in content management systems. Its intuitive user interface, upgraded third-party components, built-in SEO support, advanced workflows, and publishing control collectively offer a highly dynamic and user-friendly experience. Furthermore, it extends its language support, reinforcing its commitment to accessibility and diversity.

Increased accessibility

Drupal 10 has significantly enhanced the web's accessibility, making it more inclusive. Its extensive support for assistive technologies and WCAG 2.1 compliance enables users of all abilities to navigate, understand, and interact with the web. Drupal 10 has also introduced the Olivero, a front-end theme with improved accessibility features, to provide an optimised, mobile-first, and accessible user experience.

The power of new features 

Drupal 10 boasts a host of new features, including an updated CKEditor, Symfony, Composer, and PHP. It also replaces the jQuery UI with modern JavaScript components and drops support for Internet Explorer 11. Furthermore, it introduces new functionalities like the Project Browser, Automatic Updates, Decoupled Menus, a New Default Front-end Theme, and a New Starter Kit Theme Tool. All these additions will make your site-building journey smoother and more efficient.

District CMS and Drupal 10

District CMS has seized on the potential of Drupal 10 to enrich its platform further, and enhance its robustness and flexibility. This collaboration will empower ambitious site builders with powerful, integrated tools, enabling them to create content once and then seamlessly deploy it across various channels.

Elevated automated test coverage 

At District CMS, we understand the importance of reliability and consistency for providing an unrivalled user experience. So, we are stepping up our efforts to enhance the automated test coverage, ensuring that every feature and functionality you use meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Future-proof your digital experience

With Drupal 10 and District CMS, your digital presence is set for the future. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, adopting the latest technologies, and consistently innovating means you will always be equipped to meet your users' changing needs and expectations.

Embracing ambitious site building

As outlined by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert, the concept of ambitious site-building is the driving force behind the Drupal 10 and District CMS experience. Whether you're a developer seeking a break from hand-coding everything or a content author desiring more flexibility than a SaaS solution offers, our platform fills the gap.

Transforming your District CMS experience

At District, we’re excited about the opportunities that the upgrade to Drupal 10 has brought to our clients. From enhanced accessibility, to greater efficiency, Drupal 10 is making District CMS even easier for our users. We’re committed to help you leverage these opportunities to create outstanding digital experiences for your organisation, and we’re excited to work with you on your journey to becoming an ambitious site builder. 

Join us as we step into this new era of content management, and let's shape the future of the Open Web together. 

If you want to find out more about upgrading to Drupal 10, and how it will enhance digital experiences for your organisation, contact our District CMS team.