With a team of experienced system administrators and software engineers we manage the full-stack, from the infrastructure layer through application support.

Enterprise support

A dedicated cross-functional team

Our world-class support includes Jira service desk, chat and phone support direct to our engineers and developers. Our flexible support retainers cover general support, feature requests and developer support

As the needs for your organisation evolve and expand, so do the needs of your digital ecosystem. Our team provides ongoing advice on user experience, solution architecture and can facilitate workshops to foster new ideas and scope features

High availability hosting

The latest in containerised technology

District is delivered via enterprise high availability (HA) hosting, with multiple physical locations and horizontal scaling to maximise application uptime and redundancy. Our Kubernetes based infrastructure scales based on load; as traffic increases, new web instances are automatically deployed to handle the peak demands

Horizontal scaling

Auto-scaling and auto-healing infrastructure, horizontally scaling whole environments 

GDPR compliant

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant


Multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) zones


Leverages the latest containerised technology (Lagoon + Kubernetes)

99.9% uptime

99.9% SLA with 24x7 follow the sun monitoring and P1 support


Adapts to your applications’ needs, proven to handle in excess of 5000 requests per second


Web application firewall and DDoS protection 

Encrypted backups

Automated SQL and asset backups with daily, weekly, and monthly restore points 

Cyber security

We are serious about security

Automatic platform updates with the latest security frameworks ensures your platform is secure, reliable and constantly monitored. District employs a Web Application Firewall (WAF) with a PCI DSS compliant network, delivering powerful edge enforcement for faster protection against the latest known web application vulnerabilities, DDoS and botnet attacks

Content distribution network

Delivering your content globally

Powered by Fastly, site acceleration comes standard with District via rapid content delivery that makes a positive impact on user retention, experience and SEO. The strategically distributed, high-capacity Points of Presence help move your content and data closer to your users