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Delivered through innovative technology and the adoption of best practices
Predictive search

Predictive search provides suggestions as you type

Fuzzy matching

Fuzzy matching yielding misspelled results and partial matching

Faceted search

Faceted search and results filtering

Centralised search

Centralised search technology indexing all websites and intranet


Reduces time to find services, information and documents


Auto-scaling platform

District SaaS is a high availability product, with multiple physical locations and horizontal scaling providing complete redundancy

Custom workflows & permissions

Comprehensive permission and workflow engine provides the flexibility to create and manage users with fully customisable roles, groups and workflow permissions

User permissions

Easily create and manage user permissions through roles and groups

Custom workflows

Assign content workflows according to roles and groups

Content scheduler

Schedule content for automatic publishing


Receive notifications on content status updates


Clear content revision history with rollbacks 


WCAG compliant

With a fully accessible and WCAG compliant platform we provide further tools to ensure your internal and external content is compliant

Fully accessible

Fully accessible on mobile devices and complies with the latest WCAG standards

Real-time checking

A built-in accessibility checker reviews WCAG standards in real-time

Enforce standards

Enforce accessibility standards through publishing workflow 

SSO & Active Directory

Securely manage your users, information and permissions through SSO authentication and District's seamless Active Directory integration

SSO cloud

SSO cloud authentication services through Microsoft Azure and Google Workplace


Active Directory syncing with major providers including Windows AD and Azure 

Complete control

Control backend access through existing user directories


Synchronise entire user groups, manage roles and permissions in a central place

Search engine optimised

Maximise your search presence through our SEO optimised platform and tools ensuring your websites and content are search engine friendly

Structured content

Highly structured content types and components adhering to SEO best practices

Inbuilt SEO

Inbuilt SEO audit tools with real-time structure, metadata and content recommendations


Human and machine readable sitemaps based on content and information architecture


Real-time dynamic search engine previews

Simple URLs

Dynamic SEO friendly and human readable URLs


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