District Panel

As part of our commitment to excellence, we work closely with industry experts to design innovative solutions to challenges facing the community engagement sector.

A Panel of Community Engagement Professionals

The District Panel is comprised of a group of experienced community engagement professionals who actively participate in group discussions.  Drawing on each member's unique perspectives and experiences in the field, this forum is a collaborative environment, where professionals can learn from each other and from the District experts, while collectively contributing to the District Engage product roadmap and development. 

Diverse Backgrounds

The panel boasts a diverse range of members, including experts from local government professionals, state government representatives, and individuals from non-government organisations (NGOs). This diversity ensures a rich tapestry of insights, incorporating varied approaches, best practices and tools from different sectors within the community engagement landscape. 

Sharing Experiences and Learning

The District Panel serves as a platform for members to share their experiences in community engagement. Meanwhile, District experts contribute by presenting the latest trends and best practices, providing valuable insights that enhance the professional knowledge of the panel members. 

Shaping the Product Roadmap

Panel members play a key role in guiding the development of the product roadmap. Their collective expertise helps identify essential features and enhancements, ensuring the product meets the changing demands of the community engagement sector.

Improving Products and Injecting New Ideas

The panel plays a crucial role in product improvement by providing constructive feedback and suggestions. These innovative ideas enhance functionality, ensuring the product remains relevant and ahead of the curve in anticipating future community engagement needs.

Variety of Formats

The panel engages in diverse formats, including round table open discussions, user testing interviews, and prototype testing. This approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of ideas, capturing insights through various lenses and methodologies, fostering a holistic  understanding of community engagement practices.

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