Idea Boards

Empowering community voices, our platform allows users to actively share their ideas and opinions.

The District Engage Idea Board is a dynamic space that fuels collaboration and innovation. This virtual community wall is a place to share, discuss, vote and refine your ideas while fostering a sense of ownership and belonging within the local community.

The Idea Board is just one of the Participation Tools on District Engage designed to encourage community participation and feedback. Users can add their idea to the board with a click of a button, and upload an image and a brief description.

These ideas are shared with the community on the project website and can be voted on, so everybody can see which ideas are the most popular.  

Idea maps

Ideation on maps

As an extension of the Idea Board, we’ve also introduced an Idea Map for people to collaborate on ideas for specific places. Users can drop pins onto the map, and then upload comments, ideas, photos or drawings to share with the community. This interactive tool is a great way to promote effective collaboration and engagement.