Site Theming

Having a clear brand identity is essential for any organisation.

Site theming

At District, we recognise the importance of a distinctive brand identity. Our platform enables administrators to effortlessly tailor the platform with colours, logos, and other unique elements that align with their organisation’s style guide.

Admin can choose from pre-designed colour palettes, each meticulously tested against accessibility standards, ensuring both brand consistency and user accessibility.

Tailored to Your Brand, Crafted for Your Users

Our team can handle the setup for you, ensuring that the platform's visual design is tailored to your organisation's branding and preferences. We'll work closely with you to customise the visual elements, creating an engaging and visually appealing platform for your users. The customisation process includes:

  • Colours: Adjusting the platform's colour scheme to align with your organisation's branding, including primary and secondary colours and customising other elements like buttons, links, and background colours.
  • Images: Upload custom images such as your organisation's logo, banners, and background images, to personalise the platform's appearance and establish a strong visual identity.
  • Fonts: Select from a range of font options to customise the platform's typography, ensuring it aligns with your organisation's branding guidelines. This includes options for font type, size, and style, creating a consistent and professional look throughout the platform.
  • Layout: The layout of content pages on the District Engage platform is highly customisable using our WYSIWYG and component editors. This allows us to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface, tailored to your community's needs and preferences.
  • Fully Custom Front-End: Beyond standard customisations, we can create a fully custom front-end design to suit almost any layout, offering unparalleled flexibility and alignment with your specific design vision.