QR Codes

As part of the constant evolution and growth of District Engage, we will soon be introducing QR codes onto the platform.

Integrating your engagement project with your communications campaign is pivotal for extending its reach. One exciting feature on the roadmap for District Engage is the ability to link your project to QR codes on printed materials, like brochures and posters. 

This seamless integration enables community members to instantly connect with your project simply by scanning the code with their mobile devices.

The use of QR codes offers a modern, user-friendly approach to community engagement. It not only makes accessing information about your project more convenient but also ensures that your engagement initiatives are more inclusive, reaching individuals who might primarily engage with traditional print media.

By linking these QR codes to specific aspects of your online engagement platform, you provide an instant, interactive experience that enriches community participation and fosters greater connection with your project.

This upcoming feature in District Engage will further improve how engagement projects are accessed and experienced, ensuring that even those who encounter your project through printed materials have immediate and engaging digital access.