Rich Content Editor

District Engage's content editor gives you absolute control of how your content appears on your website.


Publish your project content effortlessly with District Engage's intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

Whether you're styling text or structuring multimedia, our editor offers unparalleled ease and functionality. Basic functions, such as headings, bold, italic, and lists, enhance your text presentation. Additionally, the editor supports embedding multimedia content like YouTube videos, enriching your content with dynamic elements.

Dive deeper with extended functions: create tables, accordions, embed multimedia content from various platforms, highlight quotes, and visually format link lists. The editor also supports markdown for quick formatting, allowing for efficient and straightforward text styling.

District Engage's editor simplifies content creation and ensures machine-readable formatting for improved accessibility and search engine recognition. Embrace a versatile and powerful content creation experience with our feature-rich WYSIWYG editor.