Hotspot Tool

The Hotspot tool is a great way to provide extra information about your project in a visually appealing way.    

Enhancing community engagement consultations, the Hotspot Tool embeds interactive 'spots' onto images, creating an immersive and informative experience for participants.

Whether it’s showcasing the potential impact of an environmental initiative, the development of new facilities in a park, or the layout of an infrastructure project, the Hotspot tool enables a deeper level of interaction. Participants can click on various points in the image to uncover detailed information, including visual representations, specifications, and descriptions.

By transforming static images into dynamic, interactive maps, the Hotspot tool facilitates a more engaging consultation process by helping  people visualise proposed changes and upgrades. It allows community members to better understand the projects, fostering a sense of involvement and awareness.

For admins, the Hotspot tool is designed to be flexible and easy to use. Simply upload a base image and place the interactive markers on top. These markers are fully customisable to align with the project theme or branding, Then, add content to each hotspot, such as descriptions, additional images, or headings to ensure that each Hotspot contains informative and relevant information.