Map Ideation

District Engage lets the community contribute ideas directly onto a map interface.

The Idea Board is a key Participation Tool within District Engage, crafted to foster community interaction and gather valuable feedback. With an intuitive interface, users can effortlessly contribute their ideas by clicking a button, adding images, and providing brief descriptions.

Once submitted, these ideas become part of the project’s community hub on the website, where they can be viewed and voted on by others. This interactive feature not only showcases the most popular ideas but also encourages a sense of community involvement and transparency.

Building upon the Idea Board, the Idea Map feature takes community collaboration to the next level. Integrating with our advanced Map Builder, it allows community members to place pins on specific locations within a map, attaching their comments, ideas, photos, or drawings.

This spatial dimension adds context to the ideas, making it easier for others to visualise and relate to them. The Idea Map is an innovative way to promote engagement, turning community feedback into a collaborative and visually engaging experience. It’s an ideal tool for projects where location-specific ideas are crucial, such as urban development, transport, environmental initiatives or public space enhancements.