Embedding Consultations

To enhance your project's exposure, the OEmbed tool embeds it on external websites and platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience that boosts participation.

Embedding consultations

When it comes to public consultations, broadening your reach is key to gathering extensive feedback. Leveraging existing digital platforms beyond your primary engagement portal is a strategic move to make your project more impactful.

The introduction of the OEmbed tool in District Engage marks a game-changing innovation for public participation. As one of the first tools of its kind, it allows for the integration of consultations directly into your primary website. This includes embedding complex tools like surveys, geo-spatial mapping, and hotspot features, bringing a new level of interactivity and detail to your site.

What sets the OEmbed tool apart is its seamless user experience. Thanks to the universal support of OEmbed technology, you can promote your engagement projects on other channels. This tool is compatible with most content management systems (CMS), ensuring easy integration regardless of your existing digital infrastructure.

Where once consultations existed separately from your main corporate website, they can now be seamlessly integrated into your digital presence. Share them across other platforms to significantly enhance visibility and drive engagement.

In a landscape where reaching a diverse audience is crucial, the OEmbed tool stands as a pivotal tool in bridging the gap between an organisation and its community.