The bedrock of any website, well organised pages are the key to showcasing your project to your audience.

If your consultation project has a lot of information to share with the public, a single project homepage may not be enough. That's why District Engage makes it easy to add subpages to your project, helping you avoid information overload on a single page, while allowing you space to elaborate in detail or provide information in different languages.

This is where District Engage's CMS capabilities shine.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop content blocks, adding information to your project's subpage is simple, These blocks allow for a variety of content types, including participation tools, images, maps, documents, and text blocks. The process is intuitive, ensuring that even those with limited technical skills can create bespoke and engaging web pages tailored to their project's needs.

These subpages can serve multiple purposes – from deep-diving into specific aspects of a project to showcasing visual elements like image galleries or interactive maps. The flexibility and easy customisation empower administrators to create unique web pages that inform and engage the community. 

With the rich CMS features of District Engage, engagement managers can build content-rich subpages that not only support the primary project homepage but also add depth and interactivity, vital for effective community engagement.