Project Maps

District Engage transforms maps into a powerful tool for sharing essential information.

Maps are a powerful tool for sharing information, enhancing both engagement and understanding. The District Engage Map Builder elevates this power, offering unique customisation to cater to the specific needs of your community engagement projects.

With the Map Builder, you can transform any map into a detailed and interactive guide for projects ranging from urban infrastructure to environmental planning. This tool enables you to draw dynamic polygons and create multiple map layers, allowing for a rich depiction of various project elements. You can easily drag and drop to reorder these layers, giving you complete control over how the information is presented.

Interactive Elements for Detailed Insights

Adding clickable elements like shapes, markers, and icons, the Map Builder lets you reveal crucial information about specific locations. This could be anything from activity zones in an urban project to critical areas in disaster management plans. Engagement managers can also upload custom markers and manage them through an icon library, ensuring that each map is not only informative but also visually aligned with your organisation's branding or the project's theme.

Advanced Integration with JSON Support

The District Engage Map Builder goes a step further in accommodating advanced users by supporting JSON. This means existing shared files and GIS data can be seamlessly imported into the map, integrating a wealth of detailed geographical information. Furthermore, anything created within the Map Builder can be exported as JSON, offering the flexibility to reuse mapping layers in other applications or platforms.

Bridging Information Gaps with Interactive Maps

The Map Builder is more than just a mapping tool, it's a way to bridge the gap between complex geographical information and the community. By providing a clear, interactive visual representation of projects and proposals, it empowers communities to engage with and understand the nuances of these initiatives at a glance.