Getting information and insights from your community and stakeholders is essential for any engagement project, so we’ve made it easy to create great surveys that can be tailored to meet your needs. 


Surveys are the lifeblood of any engagement project. They are easy to create and analyse, and provide valuable insights into your community that will improve your project outcomes.

Depending on the type of survey you include in your project, you can gather feedback that ranges from raw demographics and community sentiment, to unique stories of personal experiences and essential local know-how.

District Engage features a powerful survey builder that makes it easy to design simple or complex surveys. We have a whole range of question types to choose from, helping you gather valuable feedback on specific topics, while ensuring your respondents stay on track.

Framing your questions

Crafting the right questions is the backbone of any effective survey. To cater to a diverse range of consultation needs, we've equipped our platform with a rich array of question formats that can be customised to suit.

From measuring sentiment with expressive emojis, to deep-diving into attitudes with Likert scales, our selection ensures you capture the insights you need.

  • Text-Based Questions: Ranging from short responses to detailed comments, perfect for gathering nuanced feedback.
  • Numerical and Rating Tools: Include sliders, number inputs, and star or emoji ratings for quantitative analysis and sentiment gauging.
  • Choice-Based Options: Versatile checkboxes, radios, and drop-downs for clear, structured responses.
  • Scale Questions: Likert scales and matrices for in-depth attitude and opinion analysis.
  • Custom Fields: Specialised inputs like date, time, email, phone, and URL for precise data collection.
  • Interactive Elements: Features like file and image uploads to enrich the survey experience.
  • Advanced Customisation: Utilise conditional logic and HTML blocks for dynamic, user-focused surveys.

Innovative Conditional Logic

Our surveys come alive with conditional logic, presenting questions based on specific responses. This dynamic approach tailors the survey experience to each individual, shortening the survey length while enhancing its relevance. The result? A more engaging experience for respondents and richer, more targeted data for you.

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