Map Builder

Project Maps are a powerful tool for sharing spatial information, making them ideal for infrastructure, planning, building and roadworks projects.

A map has the unique ability to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner, significantly enhancing both engagement and understanding, making it an invaluable tool for community engagement.

The District Engage Map Builder takes this a step further by allowing you to customise maps with extra details, enabling you to provide crucial information about projects and proposals directly impacting communities. Whether it's indicating the location of a new development, outlining areas affected by an environmental initiative, or highlighting regions of interest in urban planning, the Map Builder ensures that community members can visualise and understand the specifics of each project.

As well as facilitating understanding, Map Builder also encourages active participation, as community members can see exactly how proposals might affect their local area. 

In essence, the District Engage Map Builder is more than just a tool for displaying information; it's a means of bringing communities closer to the projects that shape their environment.

Find out more about Project Maps here.