Public Moderation

With District Engage, you can enjoy a transparent and respectful dialogue with your community, while having safety mechanisms to prevent inappropriate content to be shared on your site.

Public moderation

To foster a respectful and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are both heard and valued, District Engage offers versatile moderation options. You can opt for pre-publish moderation to scrutinise submissions, or enable automatic publishing for immediate public visibility.

Our advanced content moderation tools are engineered to maintain a safe and professional platform. They efficiently sift and flag inappropriate content for manual review, ensuring only suitable material is broadcast.

With the upcoming introduction of sentiment analysis, our moderation will become even more streamlined. This innovative feature utilises natural language processing to automatically identify and flag inappropriate content, simplifying the moderation process and saving valuable time and resources.

For those requiring round-the-clock monitoring, District Engage also provides comprehensive 24/7 moderation services. Our team of seasoned moderators diligently reviews public feedback and comments in real-time, ensuring they align with your specific moderation policies.

Types of Moderation in District Engage:

  • Sentiment Analysis: Uses natural language processing to automatically flag content that may be inappropriate for review
  • Administrative Review: Option to disable auto-publishing, allowing administrators to manually approve public comments
  • Third-Party Human Moderation: We offer external moderation services, where our team thoroughly reviews all comments before they go live.