Hosting events is a great way to energise your community engagement campaign and encourage face-to-face consultations.

From a local community BBQ to a town hall forum, events are essential in every successful community engagement campaign. They not only unite the community but also offer a platform for direct conversations with locals, provide a platfrom for industry experts to share their knowledge, and build momentum for your project.

They are also a great way to expand your outreach beyond a digital campaign, and gather feedback from people who don't want to engage online, or face difficulties when they try.

(Read our article about engaging with under-represented communities, here. ) 

In District Engage, event management is streamlined and user-friendly. You can effortlessly create new events with rich text fields and versatile content blocks, ensuring detailed and engaging event descriptions. Utilise our intuitive scheduling tool, instant map generator, and handy attendee limit feature for efficient participation management.

On the public site, RSVPs are just a click away. Registered users receive automatic updates about new events or project changes.

Admins enjoy streamlined management of event registrations, including the ability to download attendee lists as spreadsheets for easy tracking. Plus, our platform seamlessly integrates with third-party event management tools for enhanced functionality.